Loe Bar and Loe Pool Porthleven

I’ve had some lovely walks to Loe Bar and Loe Pool Porthleven recently and it made a very pleasant change to be looking at Loe Bar and Loe Pool from east to west instead of doing my usual walks in the woodland on the western side of the lake. The scenery always changes, depending upon the weather, the tides and the season, so it often feels fresh to me.

Loe Bar is a sandbar about a mile east of #Porthleven, which separates the loe, or lake, from the sea. Hundreds of years ago, this area was an estuary which ran all the way to Helston, two miles inland. However in the 1300’s, following many storms, tons of sand washed up from the sea and formed the bar. Over the years, the water, instead of being salty sea water, has changed to freshwater from the streams which run into it.

To stop the water from backing up and flooding the town of Helston following spells of wet weather, the bar now has a permanent channel cut through, to allow the water to flow slowly into the sea. However, before heavy machinery, a channel had to be cut through the sand regularly by teams of men.

Loe Bar and Loe Pool Porthleven is an area now owned and run by the National Trust. Entry is free and there are many different walks one can do, both short and long. The whole area which encompasses the farms, woodland and Loe Bar and Loe Pool, Porthleven is known as the #Penrose Estate.

All in all, Porthleven area has some wonderful walks and makes a great place for a holiday.