Porthleven Ram Race

What’s a Porthleven Ram Race you might ask. We at The Gables self-catering weren’t sure either initially, but it is Porthleven’s answer to a pram race combined with a raft race. The idea was to race, in fancy dress and on various crazy contraptions, from Out of the Blue at Methleigh Bottoms to the #Ship Inn on the harbour side, via road and sea. Lots of #holiday makers and locals turned out to watch the race in glorious #autumn sunshine. I was supposed to start at 3pm. Only one problem, though – the tide hadn’t come in enough! This wasn’t really a problem, however, as the spectators were all very happy to sit basking in the #October sunshine and wait for the mayhem to unfold. There was plenty of ice cream to be had and lots of cafes and restaurants serving delicious food.

Sure enough, as the tide approached, so did the competitors, garbed in hilarious fancy dress and on the most crazy pram-cross-boat contraptions. Down the slipway and into the harbour they went.

Porthleven Ram Race 2016

As the race progressed, crafts started sinking, competitors jumped into the water and it soon became apparent that many competitors were more intent on battling with other craft than actually winning the race. Flour bombs were thrown and everyone loved all the mayhem and madness.

I never did find out who won the Porthleven ram race!