Winter in Porthleven Cornwall

I actually quite like winter in Porthleven Cornwall, and when things have quietened down and the temperature drops, I know it’s time to light the log burner in the kitchen and get nice and cosy. Even at this time of year, I still enjoy my walks, especially with the autumn colours in #Penrose woods, just up the road from The #Gables #self-catering. If the weather has been wet and the rougher tracks through the woodland are too muddy, there is the main path through the woods which runs close to #Loe Pool, which although covered in leaves, is solid ground underfoot.

The #National Trust have opened up more paths through the woodland, so there is now a really good variety to choose from. Check out this link:

I like to walk through the field at the bath house, up the hill to the woods beyond. Walking this way, you can really appreciate the workmanship of the lovely bridge over the stream, which you perhaps wouldn’t notice by sticking to the main route through the parkland. It is usually quieter off the beaten track and by walking on higher ground, you can really appreciate the beautiful views across the parkland. In the springtime, this section of woods is swathed in bluebells.

There is a good size carpark about half a mile from Porthleven, on the Helston road and there is no admittance fee for any of the walks. Yes, even winter in #Porthleven #Cornwall is wonderful.