Helston Flora Day 2016

Helston Flora Day 2016 may have got off to a damp start, but the weather certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the Hal-an-Tow participants. The pageant was as rowdy and boisterous as ever, with the Spaniards being chased away by the Cornish, St Piran crossing the Irish Sea and Robin Hood and his Merry Men. This wonderful pageant is acted throughout Helston in the morning and starts off at St John’s Bridge, Helston at 8.30. It’s such wonderful mayhem and I love it!

I arrived at Helston Flora Day 2016 nice and early so that I could take in the ambience of the town before the hoards of people arrive. As always, the whole town (apart from Barclays Bank, who didn’t bother!) was bedecked in greenery and flowers, gorse and bluebells. Flags stretched over the streets and the atmosphere was wonderful. Even the drizzle soon dried up.

Midday Dance

It is the Midday Dance which is usually considered the main event of the day, and this year it certainly didn’t disappoint. The streets were thronged with onlookers and there is a great sense of anticipation as the Helston Town Band strikes up with the familiar strains of the Furry Dance.