Pendennis Castle Falmouth Cornwall

We had a great day out at Pendennis Castle, #Falmouth this week. Every Tuesday and Wednesday in August, #English #Heritage are hosting a medieval day, with lots of activities and fun things to see and do. It is very good value for money compared with lots of other attractions in #Cornwall. Should you get hungry, there is a cafe and food stall, and if your kids get bored, then there is a tent where they can paint their own shield or decorate a crown.

#Pendennis Castle itself is very interesting too. It was built by Henry VIII to guard the mouth of the River Fal. There are lots of canons to look at, both inside the #castle and out, and narrow stairwells and rooms to explore.

Falconry Display at Pendennis Castle

Twice during the day, there is a falconry display which I found fascinating as I really like birds. They had a saker falcon, a harris hawk and a peregrine falcon and also gave lots of interesting details about the birds and the history of #falconry.

My favourite part of the day – and the favourite part of most children – was the court jester. He was really funny and did all sorts of strange and silly antics from doing the splits on stilts and falling over, to setting himself on fire. Hilarious.

Jousting at Pendennis

I suppose the main event of the day was the brilliant #jousting, which was good fun to watch and enjoyed by all.

Pendennis-castle Jousting