St Michael’s Mount Marazion

Three of us had a wonderful visit to St Michael’s Mount Marazion the other week. The weather was perfect, with a slight breeze, and the sun was beaming down on us.

#St #Michael’s #Mount is always a great place to visit, and wandering around the grounds and the castle is extremely enjoyable. It does, however, become very busy in the summer. The Mount is partially run by the #National #Trust and partially by the Godolphin Trust, and is open most of the week, but not Saturdays.


Having grown up in Marazion, in a terraced house overlooking The #Mount, I find I am still drawn to it, and have many happy childhood memories there. In fact, my cousin still lives there. From child to teenager, I used to love sitting by my bedroom window on a moonlit night, watching reflections of the moon on the sea, creating a wide silvery path beside the magical island towers of the Mount.


At low tide, St Michael’s Mount can be reached by means of a stone causeway across Marazion beach, but it is only walkable at low tide, and when it is impassable, one can take one of the frequent boats across.

During its history, the Mount has been a church, priory, fortress and a private house.

St Michael's Mount Marazion

To me, St Michael’s Mount Marazion will always be very special.