St Michael’s Mount

Now is a great time to visit the famous St Michael’s Mount in Marazion, #Cornwall. The main tourist season is over, life is more relaxed and with less holiday makers around, one can really enjoy exploring St Michael’s Mount and the castle on top.

St Michael’s Mount is situated in Mounts Bay, off the coast of South West Cornwall in the village of Marazion. At low tide, the #Mount can be reached via a stone causeway which crosses the beach, but when the tide grows higher, the causeway becomes submerged and the only way to reach it is by boat and there is a regular service to and from the Mount.
During its history the Mount has been a church, priory fortress and a private house. In the Middle Ages, the main highway through Cornwall led to #St Michael’s Mount and before crossing to the island, many pilgrims would have visited Chapel Rock on the sands at Marazion. On this rock stood a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but it was destroyed by the Royalists during the Civil War of 1645. The Mount is dedicated to the Archangel St Michael who was believed to have appeared to some fishermen in the year 495AD. In the church on the island is a wonderful statue of St Michael killing Lucifer.

st michael's mount

St Michael

Legend of The Giant of St Michael’s Mount

An old legend of the area states that there was a giant – Cormoran – living on the Mount who used to steal cattle from the villagers. Everyone was very frightened of Cormoran and the legend states that one night a local lad called Jack rowed out to the Mount while the giant was asleep, and dug a hug pit half way up the hill. At sunrise Jack stood on the far side of the pit and blew a horn, which awoke the giant. The giant could not see Jack as the sun was in his eyes and he rushed down the hillside, falling headlong into the pit, thus killing himself.

The well into which the giant was supposed to have fallen is still shown to children today and on the pathway leading up the hill is a stone heart, reputed to be that of the giant.

St Michael's Mount

Giant’s Heart

There is plenty to explore and a visit to St Michael’s Mount makes for a great day out.