Summer in Porthleven, What could be Better

Summer in Porthleven – what could be better? Flaming June is living up to its name and it’s scorching here in #Porthleven, #Cornwall. It’s late afternoon and is even too hot to take the dog for a walk. I took her down to the harbour for a swim so she could cool off. Being black has its disadvantages in this weather. I wasn’t the only dog owner with that idea, as a few holiday makers were there too with their dogs, trying to entice them into the water for a swim.

Porthleven Harbour

Porthleven harbour is the focal point of our village, with shops, two pubs, cafes and restaurants and even a small craft market three days a week. It is a wonderful place to sit and while away the time, watching the fishing boats coming and going from the harbour.

The beach is only a five minute walk away, with our favourite ice cream shop en route – Nauti But Ice – offering lots of different flavours of Roskilly’s locally made ice cream. Check out their Facebook page:

If you fancy an alcoholic drink, there is the Harbour Inn on the left hand side of the harbour and our favourite, The Ship Inn on the right hand side. One can sit outside or inside and enjoy the ambience.

I love living here and a summer in Porthleven is simply the best.